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Kori is making big money for having good credit


I decided to join the program because I needed to make some extra money. I didn’t know what to expect when I started. I thought I’d just make an extra $200-$300 a month, which would have been great. But 5 months later, I am earning almost a full time income… about $3600 a month, just from this program.

Basically, how it works… if you have really good credit, you can earn commissions by helping other people increase their credit scores. finds qualified people to add as authorized users to your credit card account. You don’t have to do anything. It really is an automated system. And for every new user on your account, you earn a commission. I started off just using one credit card, now I have users on 3 credit cards. They stay on your account for just 2-3 billing cycles. So you’re always adding new users and earning new commissions!

I never knew there was a way to make money off of your credit. It feels good to help other people get ahead and finally get rewarded for maintaining good credit. This program is the best.


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