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Bertha makes $7K per month with


It used to be that credit only worked one way…for the creditors. No matter what type of credit score you had, they always managed to make money off of you…kinda like the ‘House Always Wins.’ But now, with, you finally have a chance to win and make good money off of your good credit.

It’s pretty simple to get started. All you really need is good credit and a credit card that lets you add authorized users to your account. The more users you can add the more money you make.

Now, you might be thinking ‘it took me a long time to build up the good credit that I have and I don’t want anything messing that up.’ I felt that way too…but vets everybody, and they don’t give out your personal information. So, there’s no risk to your own credit.

I started the program about six months ago. The first month I made $1265. The next month I was up to a little over $2500, and now I make more than $7000 a month. I am finally building a real nest egg and setting myself up for financial security.


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