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Is there any Risk that an Authorized User could get access to my Credit Card Account?

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It is impossible for anyone to access your Credit Card Account without the following key pieces of information:

Full Credit Card Account #
Primary Cardholder’s Social Security #
Primary Cardholder’s Date of Birth
Answers to Security Questions

Because we do not ask you to provide any of this information neither to us nor to our Clients, and because all the Authorized User Credit Cards are mailed to your Home Address on file with your Bank, it would be impossible for anyone from our Company or any of the Authorized Users to access your Account.

Further, even if it was possible for someone else to access your account somehow, by setting-up Automatic E-Mail Transaction Alerts on your Credit Card Account, you would immediately find out if there were any unauthorized charges and be able to report your Credit Card Lost/Stolen and recoup the funds right away.

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