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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Risk that an Authorized User could get access to my Credit Card Account?

It is impossible for anyone to access your Credit Card Account without the following key pieces of information:

Full Credit Card Account #
Primary Cardholder’s Social Security #
Primary Cardholder’s Date of Birth
Answers to Security Questions

Because we do not ask you to provide any of this information neither to us nor to our Clients, and because all the Authorized User Credit Cards are mailed to your Home Address on file with your Bank, it would be impossible for anyone from our Company or any of the Authorized Users to access your Account.

Further, even if it was possible for someone else to access your account somehow, by setting-up Automatic E-Mail Transaction Alerts on your Credit Card Account, you would immediately find out if there were any unauthorized charges and be able to report your Credit Card Lost/Stolen and recoup the funds right away.

Is there any Risk to my Credit Rating/Scores?

There is absolutely ZERO Risk to your Credit Rating and Credit Scores.  Adding and Removing Authorized Users from your Credit Card Account affects ONLY the Credit Report of the Authorized User, and NEVER the Credit Report of the Primary Account Holder.

How long does each Authorized User need to stay on my Credit Card Account?

You have 2 Options on this:

1-Month Cycle: Authorized User stays on your Credit Card Account for 1 Full Billing Cycle:
This is the “Standard” Cycle most of our Competitors use, and which some of our Approved Suppliers prefer. This Cycle allows for Maximum Monthly Earnings, but from our recent experience, carries a significant risk of getting your Credit Card Account shut down by your Bank within the first 6 Months due to unusual Authorized User Activity. For this reason, we no longer recommend that our Approved Suppliers use this Cycle, but it is available as an Option to those who want to use it.

2-Month Cycle: Authorized User stays on your Credit Card Account for 2 Full Billing Cycles:
This is the Cycle we recommend to our Approved Suppliers for Maximum Long-Term Earnings. This Cycle carries a much lower risk of getting your Credit Card Account shut down by your Bank due to Unusual Authorized User Activity, and although it does not earn as much per Month as the 1-Month Cycle, it is a safer option that will yield returns for a much longer period of time. As of this writing, we have not had a single Credit Card Account on 2-Month Cycles shut down by any bank.

How will I get paid, and how often?

We pay-out your current Supplier Account Balance via Direct Deposit to your Checking Account each Monday. Direct Deposit Payments take 24 Hours to arrive in your Bank Account.

How much will I get paid?

You will earn a Commission for each Client you add to your Credit Card Account as an Authorized User, as long as the Credit Card Account reports to that Client’s Credit Reports correctly. The Commission Amount you will earn per Client will be specified in the Custom Quote you receive after you request your Free Cash Flow Quote.

Do I need to provide my Credit Card Account Statements?

Yes, you will need to provide your most recent Credit Card Account Statement before each Credit Card Account can be activated in our Program. You will also need to provide Monthly Credit Card Account Statements, within 7 Calendar Days after the Statement Date. You may cross-out your Account # in the Statement, as long as you leave the last 4 Digits visible, and as long as the Statement Date, Balance, and Credit Limit are clearly visible as well.

Is my Credit Card Account eligible for this Program?

To be eligible to become an Approved Supplier, you must have at least ONE Credit Card Account that meets the following Eligibility Requirements:

1.  Must have a Perfect Payment History (No Late Payments).
2.  Must have a Balance of no more than 10% of the Credit Limit while in the Program.
3.  Must allow Authorized Users to be added Online or over the Phone.
4.  Must report Authorized Users to all 3 Credit Bureaus each Month.

Most major Banks meet requirements 3 and 4 above. If you are not sure, call your Bank and find out:

A: Does my Credit Card Account allow me to add Authorized Users?  (You need to get a “Yes”)
B: What is the Maximum # of Authorized Users that I can have on my Credit Card Account at any point in time? (The more, the merrier)
C: Will my Credit Card Account History get reported to the 3 Credit Bureaus of these Authorized Users each Month? (You need to get a “Yes)
D: How often can I change/replace Authorized Users? (Monthly is Best, every 2 Months is Acceptable, every 3 Months or more won’t work)
E:  Do I need to provide Photo ID, Social Security Card, or any other Documentation for each Authorized User I add? (You need to get a “No”)

Will I ever have to provide you with my Credit Card Account #?


Will I ever have to provide you my Social Security #, Date of Birth, and other Personal Information?


How much time will I have to spend on this?

You should budget about 1 to 2 Hours per Month, per Credit Card Account, for the time it takes to add Authorized Users, remove Authorized Users, and communicate with us regarding your Orders.

Will the Authorized Users receive a Credit Card in the mail?

No, never. All Authorized User Credit Cards are mailed to the Primary Account Holder (You). You must then activate each Credit Card and use them for some of your existing Day-to-Day Expenses, such as Gas, Groceries, Online Purchases, etc, in order to show the Bank that the Authorized User Accounts are actually being used.

What is the Maximum Balance I can have on my Credit Card Account?

Any Credit Card accepted into our Program MUST have a Balance no higher than 10% of the Credit Limit, and this Balance threshold must be maintained at all times while the Credit Card is in our Program.

My Credit Card Account had a few Late Payments. Would it be eligible for this Program?

No. Only Credit Card Accounts with PERFECT Payment Histories can be accepted into our Program. This means ZERO 30, 60, or 90 Day Late Payments. If any Late Payments are reporting to Credit Bureaus, the Credit Card Account would not qualify.

Will I have to deal with any of your Clients?

No. As an Approved Supplier, you communicate ONLY with us, and no one else. We deal with our Clients ourselves.

Is this 100% Legal?

Yes, it is 100% Legal. You can read all about it on Wikipedia:

Do you work with CPN/SCN #’s?

No, we do NOT. CPNs/SCNs and any other type of Credit Bureau File Segregation Strategy presents a risk of getting your Credit Card Account shut down by your Bank. Therefore, we require all Clients to provide a Copy of Photo ID and Front and Back of Social Security Card, and we provide you with this information on each Order your receive from us. By operating this way, we make it easy for you to provide Photo ID and Social Security Card for each Authorized User on you Credit Card Account to the Bank in case they ask for it, which sometimes they do as part of regular Fraud Reviews.

Can I do this even while I am on Vacation?

Yes, you can! As long as you have an Internet Connection, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Will any of the Authorized Users know my Name and/or Personal Information?

No, they will not. The ONLY piece of Information they will know is the Billing Address of your Credit Card Account, because that will show up on their Credit Report once the Tradeline posts on their Credit Report. If you do not want your Billing Address to be visible to Authorized Users, just change the Billing Address on file with your Credit Card Company to a PO Box #.

Are Banks and Credit Card Companies “OK” with this Program?

Yes, Banks and Credit Card Companies allow you to add Authorized Users on your Credit Card Accounts, and they can be ANYONE, and can be added for ANY REASON.

Is there a Long-Term Commitment?

No, you are free to come and go as you wish, however, any Order already sent to you must be completed before your Credit Card Account can be completely removed from the Program.

Is there a Cost to join this Program?

No, it’s 100% FREE. You join the Program to EARN Money, not spend it.

Do you have a Referral Program?

Yes, we do! You can refer Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and pretty much anyone to our Program and we will pay you a 10% Override on every single Payment we make to them. This can quickly add-up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per Month.

What is the Benefit to the Authorized User?

The Authorized User is benefited because the entire Credit History of your Credit Card Account will be reported to the Authorized User’s Credit Report. This will typically cause a significant increase in the Authorized User’s Credit Scores and make it easier for the Authorized User to obtain all types of Financing.

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